AMITEK GROUP is a twenty year old establishment from Rajasthan India and leading name in manufacturing of silica and silica related products.

Amitek head quarters are based in the traditionally rich province of India, Rajasthan. We are blessed with huge natural resources and mines of silica and other minerals used in many industries. Amitek has a strong manufacturing set up which includes ball mills and 30 80 mesh plant in Jaipur District of Rajasthan which is scattered in 100000 sq feet area. 

This division of Amitek started some 15 year back with the manufacturing of different kinds of paints required for the road Industry. Today we are a leading exporter of road marking paints from India to Africa, middle east, Sri lanka nepal, bangladesh and many more countries. Silica is one of the major component, quantity wise in paint division and we are a leading exporter of Silica and other minerals. At Amitek we stand for quality, commitment and perseverance in all our area of operations. 

Amit Bhargava

Director Export Sales
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Why Us?

We are already a trusted name with our clients in global market. Reasons are many and simple to understand. We are not a typical trader who is sitting in Gujrat or Delhi and exporting. We run our own plant in the heart of the belt which is full of silica mines. By virtue of this we maintain consistency in our quality and supplies. Our back end team is an expert in export documentation which gives huge comfort level to our clients in international market. Recently few years back our product development team developed a strong command on manufacturing Ramming Mass. We have an R&D team constantly working on value addition that can be done to help our clients achieve there goals.

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